Murashinsky plywood factory

The first production line was declared open and the first production lot was completed on December 15, 2017.

A state-of-the-art factory producing up to 60 000 cubic meters of large-size birch plywood per year was built in less than a year from the date of construction resolution on an abandoned site in Murashi, Kirov region.

Murashi Plywood Factory is a new high-tech and ecofriendly factory that fully conforms to current international standards.

The town of Murashi got a new large backbone enterprise with about 400 new jobs. Considerable amounts are invested in district infrastructural development.

Igor Vasiliev, the Governor of Kirov region, mentioned in his speech at the launch of the Factory Phase One that an important component of the company’s economic policy was social responsibility to the land where it was to be located.

Our company plans to grow and increase our capacity to 120 000 cubic meters. Factory Phase Two is expected to be launched by mid-2019. The state of the market today requires that companies constantly expand and update their range, therefore, our short-term plans include a lamination line, launching fuel briquet production facility and building a pellet factory.

Advantageous location of the site allows us to benefit from high quality materials supplied from Kirov and Kostroma regions, Perm Territory and Komi Republic.

Later we expect to harvest our materials using our own efforts by renting forested areas in Murashi, Oparino, Yurya and Darovskoi forest division in Kirov region.