Main areas of application

Birch plywood is a multipurpose material with an extensive range of applications.

Thanks to its good physical and mechanical properties and aesthetically pleasing appearance, birch plywood is being increasingly used for exterior and interior decoration and for production of furniture, floors and playgrounds.


The most frequent application of birch plywood is construction as it is a multipurpose construction material for small-scale buildings, partitions and walls. It is also used as a roofing and flooring element. Birch plywood is also popular among builders for the purpose of formworks, scaffolding and envelopes.

Furniture and interior decoration

Plywood has a distinct grain so it works great for nice and attractive furniture that looks like wood but is less expensive than if it was made of whole wood. Plywood is also used for exterior and interior decoration, manufacture of floors, playgrounds and toys.


Plywood is practical as advertising surface. Thanks to its thickness of 12 to 15 mm, it is durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions. A durable plywood sheet can withstand even strong gusts of wind and rain downpours. Take a closer look and you will find that there is a sheet of plywood at every corner. This material is suitable to materialize any idea and take any shape.


Plywood is often used for transportation of high-maintenance goods. Regardless of its grade and structure, plywood package is extremely watertight, resistant to fire and lightweight, so it is a very good option for shipping goods abroad by air.
Transport engineering, aircraft building, shipbuilding

Vehicle building, aircraft industry, shipbuilding

Plywood is wear resistant, lightweight and ecofriendly. In many ways it is superior to metal, because it is resistant to corrosion, highly processable even at extreme temperatures, and it is even more lightweight than metals. Its most frequent applications are as part of trailers, caravans, containers, buses, carriages and many other.