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Pellets, or wood pellets, is a type of biofuel, which presents compressed pellets by nature. They are made of dried shredded wood waste without mineral impurities and foreign particles. 100% birch.

Pellets are used for heating both residential and non-residential premises. Since pellets are made of wood waste, without chemicals, they are safe and environmentally friendly. According to their energy characteristics, pellets are not inferior to traditional types of fuel.

Benefits of using pellets:

  • High heat transfer

  • Low ash content

  • Environmental friendliness

  • Convenient storage



   Nominal value

  Material content (timber species)

     Birch, 100%

Diameter, mm


Humidity, %


Mechanical performance, %


Ash content, %


  Mass fraction of total moisture in working condition of fuel, %


  Low heat value, kcal /kg


  Poured density, kg/ m³