“Murashinskiy Plywood Plant” passed annual FSC audit

30 april 2019

30 April 2019 LLC “Murashinskiy Plywood Plant” passed annual FSC audit (license code FSC-C139986) which was organized by international certification body NEPCon*. FSC certificate of single chain of custody confirmed that timber which are marked and sold as FSC certified comes from responsibly managed forests. Products with an FSC certificate are marked with a special sign on the package.

Due to FSC certificate “Murashinskiy Plywood Plant” successfully conducts its business since 2017 in international markets with companies that take ownership of FSC-certified material. To date, “MPP” is deserved loyalty and recognition of many clients from near abroad and from the USA, Canada and Asia.

* NEPCon is non-commercial organization promoting sustainable land use and finding solutions to climate change.

“Murashinskiy Plywood Plant” passed annual FSC audit