Specialized Exhibition Branchentag 2019 in Germany

18 november 2019

12 - 13 of November was one of the biggest specialized exhibitions in Europe. It was attended by over 166 exhibitors.

Murashinskiy Plywood Plant presented its products and a new product line which will launched into production from next year - film-faced plywood.

High quality film-faced birch plywood will be coated with anti slippery coating (HEXA) or with wear-resistant coating of black, brown and grey color (a smooth and mesh surface is possible) in option. Other colors, film density are possible at the request.

One of the objectives of the exhibition was to assess the situation on the German market. Numerous meetings and interest of both leading and new companies helped with it. Based on the information received, the plant outlined the prospects for the release of new products, taking into account leading trends.

 Specialized Exhibition Branchentag 2019 in Germany