Opening ceremony

15 december 2017

The first production line at Murashi Plywood Factory was put into operation on December 15. The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of Kirov region Igor Vasiliev, Deputy Governor of Kirov region Maksim Kochetkov, representative of Chemical, Engineering and Forestry Department, Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade, Anatoli Arteev, administration of Murashi Municipal District of Kirov region.

The new factory will produce large-size birch plywood using high-end equipment from the leading manufacturers, including Raute (Finland), Sunway (Taiwan), Homag (Germany), Steinemann (Switzerland), Terex (Germany).

Murashi Plywood Factory will run a continuous production cycle and will implement waste-free techniques. All waste will burn in a high-efficiency boiler room manufactured by Polytechnik (Austria) to address the issue of waste utilization and provide sustainable sources of power for the factory. “This will also be a green factory thanks to using boiler room to recycle waste”, says the Governor of Kirov region Igor Vasiliev.

The investors’ long-term plans include manufacturing fuel briquets from production waste.

Opening of the factory is an important event for the region. Murashi now has a high-tech backbone enterprise. At the time of the opening, the total headcount of the factory was 182, and this number is expected to increase to 400 in future. The average wages of factory employees is about 30 thousand rubles.

Opening ceremony
Opening ceremony. Photo №1
Opening ceremony. Photo №2
Opening ceremony. Photo №3
Opening ceremony. Photo №4
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